Vast Solutions Group, Inc. and its affiliates started conducting business as Koontz Financial in a sleepy little town in Washington State in 1969.  Now the company has grown to have a national footprint with offices across the country staffed by technical consultants who have as their chief concern: To benefit the small business owner!  The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vast Holdings Group, LLC, a Nevada entity that has the same philosophy for its underlying entities – providing resources and support for small business owners.

The Las Vegas, NV based company has become known as The Tax and Financial Engineering Firm for Small Business Owners serving clients with needs as diverse as retirement assistance, tax mitigation, and management consultation and beyond.  The great majority of new clients come the way of referrals. The typical referral will come via a tax attorney, CPA, financial representative, or similar professional who has a client in need.

To help clients obtain goals, Vast Solutions Group, Inc. has a proprietary system called The GrapheneSystem that helps provide solutions to the many obstacles to stated goals.  Within that system, we have devised the WealthCheckSystem as well as SignatureSystem that are uniquely suited to assisting the small business owner/retiree in spending time with family and other items of interest.  

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