For law firms engaging in business formation activities on the behalf of clients, Registered Agents Inc. is a simple solution to expanding client services. What we offer is the ability to begin offering business formations and registered agent service nationwide, even if a law firm only has a single office in one state. As a company, Registered Agents Inc. has painstakingly established a reliable network of registered offices throughout the US, and as a Registered Agents Inc. affiliate, even small law firms can offer clients the ability register their businesses in any state. We provide all law firm clients a secure platform of services and technologies to provide high-end registered agent services for their business formation clients. We offer a fast document delivery system in every state and network of local offices. With competitive pricing and simple account management, Registered Agents Inc. serves as an effortless way to expand client services.

Law Firm Registered Agent Solutions

With each Law Firm Solutions account, law firms will receive the following services and options:

  1. Firm-Controlled Client Interactions 
    In essence, Registered Agents Inc. provide wholesale registered agent services. When a client requires This enables law firms  sell and interact with their clients, we provide registered agent service in each state and forward documents to your company on behalf of your customers. Your clients never interact with us.
  2. Intuitive Design
    Through our Application Programming Interface (API), we offer law firms the ability to seamlessly populate filing fees, costs, and all required client information in an efficient manner. This enables Registered Agents Inc. to securely upload new client information without the difficulties of typical data transfers, making it easy to add services for new clients.
  3. Simple Access to State Forms
    For fast corporate filings, we’ve compiled a database filled with every state form a law firm might need to form new companies quickly. Everything from Articles of Organization to Certificates of Reinstatement are no more than a click away in our Corporate Accounts Portal.
  4. Online Accounts
    Registered Agents Inc. provides all law firms with an intuitive software to simplify client relationships and corporate compliance. A law firm utilizing our registered agent services can also offer their clients online Corporate Accounts, which will allow the client to be notified online should we receive and service of process on their behalf. Online accounts also manage all documents received by registered agents and includes annual report reminders and all the tools a client needs to keep their company in good standing.
  5. No Loss of Brand
    When a company hires Registered Agents Inc., they need not worry about devaluing their brand. Companies work hard to establish their brand and we honor that effort. The registered agent service is provided under their company name, not ours.
  6. Filing Services
    In addition to nationwide registered agent service, we can also provide business entity formation services in every state. Registered Agents Inc. employs a number of skilled and knowledgeable filers who perform flawless company formations everyday on the behalf of our clients. This can reduce attorney workloads and client filing times, making forming a new company fast and efficient.