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SEATTLE, Wash., Jan. 20, 2023 (NEWSWIRE), a joint venture of Asset Defense Team ( and , Inc. ( is pleased to announce the venture is been deemed successful in it’s first week. This partnership brings together two leading companies in the asset protection and tax strategy industry, combining their expertise and resources to provide top-quality services to clients around the globe. The advanced platform is called “Einstein” and is currently in Beta 1.0.

Asset Defense Team is a well-respected firm known for its innovative strategies and high success rate in safeguarding assets for individuals and businesses. is a renowned provider of tax and retirement strategies using artificial intelligence with a strong track record in sophisticated tax mitigation strategies.

This week in two separate presentations about the services it is obvious that there is a need for an advanced artificial intelligence guided asset protection and tax mitigation platform. Approximately 10% of the presentation attendees exhibited interest in the new service that is not even rolled out publicly at this point.

Some AI vendor partners will be OpenAi’s ChatGPT, Microsoft’s Bing, and’s TensorFlow.

We are extremely pleased at the level of interest thus far, said Bob Bluhm, CEO of Asset Defense Team. This show of interest simply indicates what we already knew — the need for solutions for the modern day entrepreneur is there.

In all my years in business I am not so sure I have ever been so confident of a new service that will relieve so much stress from small business owners, said R. Kenner French, of . It is early but I believe in the joint venture and more importantly, in the help the services will provide to the marketplace.

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Asset Defense Team is a leading asset protection firm that helps individuals and businesses safeguard their assets through innovative strategies and top-quality services. Learn more:

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The pioneer in tax and retirement strategies for entrepreneurs using artificial intelligence™. The company has been in existence since 1969 and has offices throughout the U.S. Learn more:


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