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Forget average. Forget good enough. Meet the team redefining commercial property financing.’s Commercial Property Finance Group isn’t just a collection of experts – they’re market disruptors, deal-closing dynamos, and financing alchemists who consistently turn investor’s ambitious visions into reality.

Every member of this team is a passionate advocate for your success. They’re not just analysts, they’re trusted advisors, working tirelessly alongside you to secure the ideal financing package, tailored to your exact needs.

Team Of Our Senior Consultants

R. Kenner French

Seattle, WA

Marco Sanchez, Esq.

New Braunfels, TX

Nick May

London, UK

Michael de Leon

Reno, NV

Christopher Sams, CPA

San Diego, CA

Laura Hood

Columbus, GA

Jacquie Clark

Syracuse, NY

Manilyn Balinado

Laguna, PH

Deborah Woodruff

Dallas, TX

Dhaval Patel

Los Angeles, CA

Mona Abril

Laguna, PH

Elizabeth M.C.

Southern California

Ed Bryan

Boise, ID

Patrick Smith, CPA

Columbus, GA

Aaron L. Uftring, Managing Director

Ithaca, NY

Chris Bear

Satellite Beach, FL

Ben Polley

San Francisco, CA

Our Senior Staff

MJ Martinez

Houston, TX

Project & Social Media Manager

Ashley Lawson

Bakersfield, CA

Administrative Assistant

Luca Iacovone

Burlingame, CA

Legal Associate

Commercial Property Finance Team

Tasvir Hasan

New York City, NY

Managing Director

Irwin Boris

New York City, NY

Managing Director

Bryan E. Hickman

Toledo, OH

Managing Director

Jake Goldfarb

Seattle, WA

James Martin, III

Chino Hills, CA

Harvey Goldberg

Tampa, FL

Burak (Brock) Berilgen

Houston, TX

Myles Jackson

Lanham, MD

Kevin Haynes

Orlando,  FL

George Philbeck

Orlando, FL

Jackson Sincerbeaux

San Diego, CA

Shaun Lallani

Irvine, CA

Ali Smiley

Albuquerque, NM

Founding Partner, in Memoriam

Gary Koontz

Kellen French, in Memoriam

Kellen French

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