How Can We Help?


We can help you decrease your tax burden, plan for retirement, manage risk and leave a legacy for future generations. We work with you to develop a customized plan that meets your needs, but our overall offerings include:


Vast Qualified Retirement Plan and Profile™

Vast provides an in-depth analysis of your current corporate qualified plan. Our team of experts will insure you plan is optimized for both a comfortable retirement and tax reduction purposes.

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Vast PlanOne™

It can be a challenge for high-net-worth individuals to manage it all. Vast PlanOne offers effective coordination of all the aspects of wealth management for high net-worth individuals.

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NqPlus creates a customized retirement plan allowing small businesses to contribute far more than traditional retirement services. Our services will exceed the allowed contributions to 401(k) plans.

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Want More Information?


Vast Solutions Group, Inc. offers a highly informative and beneficial selection of audio recordings that cover an array of topics, including retirement planning, tax savings, exclusive Vast Services, and more. To find out more about obtaining our audio products, please call us at 888-808-8278, ext. 1 or email

Vast Solutions Group, Inc. does not offer investment-related securities but works with companies that do.

FTC Endorsement and Testimonial Disclosure: Not all clients can expect to have similar results to the above noted. It can be reasonably expected that a client will lower tax liability if working with our company.