started conducting business as Koontz Financial in a sleepy little town in Washington State in 1969. Now the company is THE pioneer in applying artificial intelligence technology to help entrepreneurs lower tax liability and prepare for retirement. It has grown to have a national footprint with offices across the country staffed by technical consultants who have as their chief concern: To benefit entrepreneurs! The company is a partner company of Vast Holdings Group, LLC, a Nevada entity, that has the same philosophy for its underlying entities – providing resources and support for entrepreneurs.

Vast Solutions Group serves clients with needs as diverse as retirement assistance, tax mitigation, and management consultation and beyond. The great majority of new clients come the way of referrals. The typical referral will come via a tax attorney, CPA, financial representative, or similar professional who has a client in need.

To help clients obtain goals, uses a proprietary artificial intelligence system called "Einstein." That system is uniquely suited to assist an entrepreneur/retiree in spending time with family and other items of interest.


We work with entrepreneurs to lower tax liability, enabling them to increase retirement income, all while using an advanced artificial intelligence platform we call "Einstein."

Under another moniker, it was founded in Bellevue, WA in 1969.

Tax consulting, financial services, qualified plan consultation, benefits outsourcing, management consulting, actuarial consulting, and many other services that help entrepreneurs.

Typically any number of our teammates are involved in the client engagement.  At times, either internally or otherwise, we have an attorney, CPA, actuary, and/or senior level consultant providing guidance on a project.

It is our proprietary roadmap technology for entrepreneurs.   The service will allow an entrepreneur to optimize current finances on a tax efficient basis while also having an eye on legacy planning.  It is comprehensive and transformative.

Yes.  We currently have over 200 plans with whom we consult.

Yes, though only on a random occasion at this point.

New?  We are brand new to social media.  We have been "media shy" up until 2020.  Over 90% of our business comes from referrals.  Since being asked to publish and get on social media that number may change.

We are Beta now and expect to have a formal launch in early 2021.  There will be a "rolling" rollout of new services and products over the course of one to two years.  Up to that point, we will be accepting new clients via invitation only.

Typically it has been based upon a financial, tax, or legal professionals who did not have a solution and asked our technical team to assist.  We reviewed, researched, and then provided a solution based upon any number of implemented services.  We consider ourselves experts in going the "extra" mile in our consultation.  All while doing the consultation within the legal bounds of the law, cost effectively, and with relative ease for the entrepreneur.

It depends upon the engagement  While in Beta we are making a transition to subscription pricing with our services as low as $25 a month all the way to $1,000 a month.  It all depends.  In some instances, a number of our services where we previously charged, we are providing for free now that we have new advanced systems being implemented.

Yes, it is Vast Holdings Group, LLC.  It has a number of "sister" companies that work together to provide badly needed services to help the entrepreneur. Our company does NOT provide legal, securities, or similar services.

Michelle Lawson is the Chief Operating Officer.  She has vast knowledge and has had "C" level experience in the financial services sector for some time.  James Martin is the managing consultant for the company.  He has worked with entrepreneurs for over 20 years.  R. Kenner French also helps with the consultation and is a noted author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur himself.

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