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It's Money Monday! We're thrilled to kick off season 3 of the Vast Voice Podcast with a premiere episode focused on financial freedom. Stay tuned as we delve into the world of wealth-building secrets!

Hey, have you heard the interview with Loral Langemeier? She's known as the Millionaire Maker and is everywhere talking about how to get rich.

Loral has a whole 'Millionaire Maker' program and is sharing all her secrets. She emphasizes the importance of mindset when it comes to money and challenges everything you thought you knew. She has become a millionaire in more than one industry, so she must be doing something right. We discuss some interesting topics, like how to leverage taxes and how to structure your business to keep more money in your pocket. Loral is big on the idea of building a team and surrounding yourself with people who can handle tasks you're not skilled at. That sounds smart, as it allows you to focus on the big picture.

She also stresses the importance of continuous learning in the business world and even promotes her 'Millionaire Intensive' event, which teaches wealth-building strategies. There is mention of becoming an affiliate and selling her products, though I'm not entirely sure about that part.
Loral suggests involving your kids in the family business, which isn't something you hear every day.

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