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Tuesday: Tax Tuesday
Wednesday: AI Wednesday
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Friday: Finance



Top Tax Savings Tips for Entrepreneurs

Join us on this podcast, as Kenner outlines the top tax tips that has helped save their clients a wealth of taxes for their businesses.



News for New Business Owners: A Lawyer’s Podcast

Join us as Attorney Bob Bluhm explains how to use legal entities to reduce liability and lower the risk of being sued, with a brief introduction to entities and their meanings.



Need Money for a Business? Use your 401(k) Money

In today’s world it is tougher and tougher to find money to start businesses. One way you could do so in 2024 is to use your retirement assets.



What is IRA?

Join us, as Kenner explains IRA’s plus the advantages of having them. The known definition of IRA’s are individual retirement accounts (IRA)…



Employing your spouse WILL save you MONEY!

Hiring your spouse to work as an employee in your business can save you big on taxes. The savings can be particularly great if you are a sole proprietor….



SEP IRA vs Solo 401 (k); Which Makes You Rich?

SEP IRA vs Solo 401 (k); which makes you rich? The answer is…it depends! One nice thing, the government does help you in both types of plans. Uncle Sam,…



Ten Retirement Plan Errors – Don’t make them!!

Feeling overwhelmed by retirement planning? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of prioritizing the day-to-day hustle over securing their future.



End of the Year Financial Essentials!

The end of the year provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on the status of your personal finances and review your evolving goals and objectives for the year ahead.



Five Easy Essential Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur? Tax season got you stressed? Kenner French, business guru and tax whiz, reveals 5 easy tips to slash your tax bill and maximize savings.