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“Kenner and Vast have saved me $105,000 while only charging me $5,000. I am much better prepared for retirement as a result of their consultation.”

Shawn Lidenski

Small Business Owner, WA

Karl Erickson“I have never had anything run so efficiently with paperwork and getting something done. Your whole system is incredible.”

Anna Otton

Small Business Owner, CO

“I have worked with Kenner French and Vast Solutions Group for over 3 years, and I have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers I refer to him.”

Anna Otton

Small Business Consultant, NV


With mentions in Beverly Hills Courier, Fox News Radio, Palm Beach Times, and numerous other publications and media outlets.

With offices in Nevada, Washington, California, New York, and even in the Federation of Nevis.

Winner of the Wealth & Finance International’s Consultancy Elite Award for 2016.

Small Business Owners

Managing your business’ performance, directing employees and handling the details of day to day operations keeps you more than busy. At Vast Solutions Group we know this, and we know that you have enough to keep in line without worrying about how to minimize your tax burden, plan for the future and manage your investments.

Vast provides services that allow for peace of mind for you as a business owner. Let us do the number crunching on how to potentially save you on your tax liability, or even set yourself up for a comfortable retirement, and you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

Our Customized Services

Create or revise a customized small-business owner retirement plan that will decrease your current taxes while helping you save for the future. In addition, you can optimize your asset allocation to manage risk and minimize taxes moving forward, and develop a small-business succession or estate plan to ensure you leave a financial legacy for your loved ones. Services

We Can Help

With company heritage spanning over 30 years, and a small cadre of professionals to assist with individualized advice and guidance for your particular needs, we can help reduce your tax burden now while ensuring your assets provide for you in retirement.