Don’t Let Your Dreams Get Evicted: The Hilarious Guide to Property Finance

Hey dreamers, builders, and visionaries! This is Kenner French from, here to unveil the magic behind commercial property finance. It’s not just about securing a loan; it’s about fueling your business expansion dreams into reality!

Imagine this: Your tech startup bursting out of its seams, ready to conquer the world. Or, you spot a golden opportunity in that vibrant retail center. These aspirations become your launchpad with the right financial rocket fuel.

But hold on, navigating commercial finance isn’t a game of Candy Crush. Lenders aren’t just checking your credit score – they’re like detectives analyzing your entire business ecosystem. That’s where location, property condition, income projections, and economic trends come into play. And oh boy, the loan options! From traditional mortgages to SBA loans and bridge loans, it’s enough to make your head spin.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This is where swoops in like your superhero finance squad. We’re experts in deciphering the code of commercial finance, matching your specific needs with the perfect financial solutions. Whether it’s an office haven, a retail empire, or a cozy apartment complex, we’ve got your back.

Introducing CommLoan’s CUPID™ System – your ultimate finance matchmaker. Forget endless spreadsheets and confusing terms. CUPID™ does the magic, comparing loans, rates, and returns, so you can make confident decisions with a smile.

So, ditch the limitations and embrace your real estate dreams! Head over to and let’s co-pilot your journey to success. Together, we’ll turn your vision into a thriving reality, one brick at a time.

Remember, commercial property finance isn’t just about numbers; it’s about unlocking your business potential. With and CUPID™ by your side, you’re not just getting a loan, you’re getting the keys to your future.

Now go out there and make it happen!


Kenner French, is a former small business contributor at, author of three books, an executive at AI-focused and, a keynote speaker, and a Dave Matthews Band fan!



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