Introduction - Entrepreneur's Ultimate Tool Kit

Kevin O’Leary - you know Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s TV Shark Tank gave us a complement recently saying we at are doing some interesting stuff for entrepreneurs which got us thinking. We dubbed it “The Entrepreneur’s Ultimate Tool Kit.”  In the 12 part series we will include specifics to help entrepreneurs from business idea creation to marketing to finances to qualified plans to estate planning to business planning to legacy planning.  This is a culmination of our over 50 years in existence and dealing with thousands of entrepreneurs.

Part 1. Get a Hobby, It Can Make You Rich…and save you taxes!

Part 2. A Brief Entrepreneurial Roadmap to Success

Being an entrepreneur rules…but there are rules!  Whether you’re planning to start a new business, trying to grow a fledgling business, or working to keep an already established enterprise competitive, your business plan is your “roadmap” toward success. And, since running a business is a little like embarking on a journey without a final destination, it may be necessary to consult, or even reconfigure, your map from time to time.

Part 3. Business Entity Types

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? You confused? This video will provide some answers.

Part 4. Entrepreneur’s CAN Implement AI

If an entrepreneur is not at least thinking about implementing artificial intelligence (AI) they will soon be looking to leave the entrepreneurial ranks soon. Implementing AI is almost as important as a business buying computers — it will be absolutely essential to a company’s success going forward. No doubt.

Part 5. Top 10 (Cheap) Marketing Ideas

Marketing is a challenge when the amount of money your business can afford to spend on advertising and public relations is limited. But with a bit of creativity you may find you do not need a big marketing budget to build your company’s reputation and spread the word about your products and services.

Part 6. The Entrepreneur’s Essential Financial Tips

This video outlines the 10 tips to follow in weighing a small business owner’s financial plan.

Part 7. You Better Get A Financial Plan

Even if someone is being sarcastic I know that is the very person who needs a plan.
If I am going to San Francisco to Los Angeles without a plan I may end up in Las Vegas. What happens if I need to be in LA for an important meeting? To see my son? Maybe to go to Disneyland with my family? I would miss out. Without a plan there could be issues. Same with retirement. If I do not plan I may just miss out. By missing out in retirement I may mean having to go back to work. This video will help!

Part 8. Top 10 IRS Tax Tips!

Even with the best intentions, filing taxes often becomes an event that is put off until the very last minute. Tax laws can be confusing, leaving many unsure of what they may deduct and how they should file. However, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS),1 the process can be simpler than you may think. The IRS helped in putting together this video which outlines the Top 10 IRS Tax Tips.

Part 9. Tax Deductions...Don’t Forget Them!

Being a small-business owner isn’t easy. After all, balancing payroll, managing employees, drawing up marketing plans, and handling the bookkeeping can be stressful! Luckily, the Internal Revenue Service (I.R.S.) allows small-business owners to take some surprising deductions, which may help come tax time. This video outlines some normally missed deductions.

Part 10. An Essential Glossary of Qualified Plan Terms

You new to the 401(k) world? You need to brush up on your qualified plan terms? You simply interested in learning a bit about all the terms involved with 401(k)s and other qualified plans? If so, this video is for you.

Part 11. Do You Have Trust?

Actually, Trusts. Yes, they use trusts for estate planning purposes. Confused about trusts? What is a trust? How will a trust benefit me? What different kinds are there? Time for answers and this video will supply some.

Part 12. Yuck, Life Insurance: But It Is Important

As you consider the wide range of life insurance coverage available, you may wonder what type really fits your needs now, and what will suit your needs in the future. A good, first step is to ask yourself why you are buying insurance, and how it will fill your personal and family financial security requirements. Do you want insurance to cover a new home or mortgage? A college education? A business investment? Your retirement? Your final expenses? This video will help!