Premier Client Services Group, a uniquely suited division within , provides services to affluent small business owners with a net worth, generally speaking, of greater than $25 million or more.

Specifically, we provide sophisticated services using a cadre of internal and external partners/affiliates in disciplines involving small business/family consulting, investments, insurance, charitable planning, bookkeepers, accountants, and attorneys.

Due to the highly customized nature of our services within PCS and to determine if you are eligible, please contact us at 888-808-VAST (8278) Extension: 701 or by emailing us at

Our Approach

We spend a large amount of time getting to know you, your family, key professional advisors, etc so we can learn how we could best serve your needs. As a result of our advanced consultation you will be able to focus more time on activities that provide value and in which you are keenly interested.

Our Services

While all PCS clients have specifically tailored services we offer the following via internal or external associates:

  • Financial Consultation
  • Family Management Consultation
  • Tax Planning (via strategic alliance)
  • Estate Planning
  • Legal Services (via strategic alliance)
  • Insurance/Risk Management Planning
  • Family/Business Succession Planning
  • Charitable Planning