Revolutionizing Commercial Property Loans: and COMMLOAN’s Empower Program

Have you ever heard of a brokerage where you as a commercial property loan officer gets to use an advanced tech stack (even using Artificial intelligence and beyond), get passive income, and have immediate access to over 750 lenders potentially bidding on your commercial property deals making you even more effective to your clients and marketplace? Are you interested in learning more? Watch until the end and you will see that this video may completely change your life as Mike Jackson said this very concept has just done that very thing.

Welcome to’s FAQ where we will outline the most frequent questions and answers that people are asking as they are coming on board! My name is Kenner French and we understand you may have questions about our brand-new endeavor, and we’re here to provide you with all the answers you need. Our goal is to enlighten you about our history, the revolutionary technology we offer, and the immense opportunities that await you here at what we expect will be a rapidly growing part of the business – the commercial property finance practice.

1. What is the history of, started as Bellevue Financial Group back in 1969 as a small financial advisory firm in Bellevue, WA which has now grown to having affiliate offices in every state and now does tax, finance, and AI – and even has an office in the UK. Now, it is starting a solution for investors looking for funds to buy commercial real estate which is a major initiative. In sum, it is bringing technology to that endeavor which seemingly should have been done years ago. That combined with the notion of passive income – or mailbox money – this is endeavor that has never been seen before in the world of commercial property finance.

Tell me more about your technology platforms: Einstein, CUPID, and others.
– **Einstein**: A state-of-the-art intelligent platform designed to automate most of the complex loan origination processes. Using machine learning and AI, it offers predictive analytics to ensure seamless and efficient transactions.

– **CUPID**: Our Customer and User Platform Interface Design we use in concert with It focuses on enhancing user experience, streamlining communication, and ensuring that both loan officers and clients have a user-friendly, intuitive platform at their fingertips.

– **Others**: We are always in the process of innovating and adding more tools to our arsenal to ensure that our loan officers have the best in class technology backing their efforts.

3. How does technology contribute to the long-term viability of commercial property loan origination?
Technology, particularly in the financial sector, has proven to be a game-changer. Automation reduces human errors, predictive analytics helps anticipate market trends, and digital platforms ensure instantaneous communication. All these elements combined ensure quicker, more transparent, and efficient processes. In the long run, those not adapting to technological advancements in commercial property loan origination will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. At, we embrace technology to set the gold standard in our industry. As a result of the company utilizing technology to this extent, that is why we have decided to partner with and use their platform to process commercial property loans. Their system is second to none. If there was one better we would use it.

4. How can I establish passive income with
By joining our team, you’re not just securing a job but also an opportunity for passive income. Our unique commission structure, combined with the potential to onboard and mentor new loan officers, provides avenues for recurring revenue. Additionally, our technology-driven approach means less hands-on time is needed per transaction, allowing for greater volume and consequently, greater income.

5. What growth opportunities can I expect?
With our rapid expansion and technology-driven approach, the sky’s the limit! Our loan officers have opportunities for both personal and professional growth. From leadership roles to specialized training and courses, we ensure that our team members are always at the forefront of industry knowledge.

6. Being a new technological brokerage, how will support my transition?
We understand the hesitations one might have in joining a new technological brokerage. Rest assured, we have an onboarding process that includes comprehensive training on our platforms, mentorship programs, and a supportive community that will guide you every step of the way.

7. What differentiates from other brokerages?
Our unwavering commitment to innovation, coupled with our dedication to our loan officers’ growth, sets us apart. Our technological platforms are not just tools but a testament to our belief in the power of technology. We’re not just another brokerage; we’re a revolution in the commercial property loan origination space. You will have over 750 lending partners backed with our tech stack that we expect to be second to none.

8. What kind of support does offer to its loan officers?
Answer: Our loan officers are the backbone of our operations, and we prioritize their success. We offer continuous training sessions on our technology platforms, have dedicated support teams available for any technical issues, and provide marketing materials and resources to help you reach your clients effectively. Plus, our mentorship program ensures that you have experienced professionals guiding you through your journey with us. Further, it truly can all be customized to what you as an employee/contractor are looking for.

9. How has adapted to the changing landscape of the real estate industry, especially during uncertain economic times?
Answer: believes in staying ahead of the curve. We continuously monitor market trends and adjust our strategies and tools accordingly. Our technology platforms, like Einstein and CUPID, are designed to be adaptable, ensuring we remain efficient and effective even during uncertain economic climates. Our focus on education also ensures that our loan officers are always equipped with the latest industry knowledge.

10. With a strong emphasis on technology, how does ensure data security and client confidentiality?
Answer: We prioritize data security as much as we prioritize innovation. Our platforms are built with state-of-the-art encryption methods and follow all industry-standard protocols for data protection. Regular security audits, penetration testing, and continuous updates ensure that client confidentiality and data security remain uncompromised.

11. How does handle competition, and what makes it stand out in a saturated market?
Answer: Competition drives us to be better. We focus on our unique value proposition – a combination of cutting-edge technology and a people-centric approach. While many companies have one or the other, our blend ensures we provide unparalleled service. Our continuous innovation and commitment to our loan officers’ growth ensure we stand out in a saturated market.

12. What kind of clients does typically serve, and how do the technology platforms cater to their specific needs?
Answer: We serve a diverse range of clients, from first-time commercial property buyers to seasoned investors. Our technology platforms are designed to be versatile. For example, Einstein’s predictive analytics can guide both novices and experts in making informed decisions, while CUPID ensures a seamless user experience regardless of a client’s tech-savviness. These tech stacks are advanced. As a result, so are our clients. On the commercial property side, we do not handle any clients who are needing less than $5 million of financing and in some selected instances we will go to $2.5M.

13. People are asking about Commloan’s Empower Program, where the true passive revenue is, so can you go into depth about it?

Have you heard about the program called EMPOWER and you are wondering if it will help you as a commercial property loan originator? Will it help you to assist more clients? Will it help you to obtain more credibility in the marketplace? Finally, will you make more money and create a better lifestyle for yourself?, the architect of the Empower Program, founded by Mitch Ginsberg, embarked on a transformative journey to revolutionize the loan origination process in 2015. By 2017, the platform had successfully onboarded 100 lenders. But the visionaries behind CommLoan had more significant milestones ahead.

By 2018, the platform was already boasting $160 million in loans funded. Progressively, with technological advancements like the Lender Webform in 2018, they reached the landmark of funding 100 loans by 2019. The momentum didn’t stop there. As the platform expanded its lender base to 450 by 2020, it introduced innovative features like Automated Loan Quotes and Lead Generation.

Come 2021, their efforts in enhancing the borrower journey were evident with features such as the Borrower Brevitas Loan Quote Integration. With 2022 marking the funding of 200 loans and the launch of the Lender Portal, it was clear that CommLoan was on an exponential growth trajectory. As of 2023, with 700 lenders on the platform, they’ve not only automated the lender experience but also amassed considerable annual revenue nowadays.

**Empower Program: The Loan Originator’s Game Changer**
The role of a loan originator is pivotal. CommLoan recognizes this and thus introduced the Empower Program to arm loan originators with the best resources. The best way to explain the program is to say it is a collection of forward thinking independent minded loan officers who are poised for success due to the advanced system that offers.

A vital element to the Empower Program is the tech stack at called CUPID™ Technology Platform which is Central to CommLoan’s offerings. CUPID™ technology streamlines borrower-lender matching, ensuring originators can best serve their clients. It also ensures access to the most competitive rates, terms, and an extensive network of lenders, including Banks, Credit Unions, CMBS, Life, Debt Funds, and Private Lenders.

* **Operational Efficiency**: CommLoan’s platform offers streamlined loan packaging and underwriting processes. This automation ensures efficient, accurate, and professional loan detailing, reducing the manual work for originators.

* **Direct Communication**: The platform provides secure communication portals for originators, borrowers, and lenders. This feature facilitates hassle-free interactions and collaboration.

* **Optimal Revenue Distribution**: CommLoan believes in rewarding its originators generously. The commission tiers are structured to increase with the volume of loans produced, ensuring originators reap the most from their hard work.

* **Brand Recognition & Marketing Support**: Aligning with a brand like CommLoan automatically boosts an originator’s market credibility. With stellar reviews and an impressive Net Promoter Score, originators benefit from comprehensive marketing support, co-branding opportunities, and enhanced online presence.

* **Future Equity Participation**: Recognizing the instrumental role of originators, CommLoan’s Board of Directors is actively designing an exclusive Equity Participation Plan. This initiative promises originators like you a chance to share in the company’s success. This should be huge and worth considering by itself as a means for compensation. Do you have equity participation where you are now?

* **Mentor Program**: Whether you’re seeking guidance or looking to guide, CommLoan’s mentorship program pairs originators to ensure mutual growth and learning.

* **Revenue Share & Wealth Creation**: The Empower Program stands true to its name, empowering originators to build substantial wealth. Originators can create teams, ensuring growth for themselves and those they mentor. The program structure provides more choices, opportunities for growth, and prioritizes what matters most.

**Revenue Share Breakdown**
CommLoan’s transparent revenue sharing structure is designed to ensure originators receive the lion’s share. With AGCI (Adjusted Gross Commissionable Income) as the benchmark, the commission split between CommLoan and the originator increases favorably as the AGCI grows:

* $0 – $250,000 AGCI: 60% of 1% or 60 basis points goes to the Loan Originator – or you, in this instance.
* $250,001 – $500,000 AGCI: 70 % goes to the Loan Originator
* $500,001 – $1,000,000 AGCI: 80% goes to the Loan Originator
* $1,000,001+ AGCI: finally, 90% goes to the Loan Originator

This advanced structure ensures originators are adequately rewarded for their contributions. For instance, a loan of $20 million at a 1% fee, results in an AGCI of $200,000. An originator producing this AGCI would benefit from something called revenue share (rev share). In this instance, the rev share would be $40,000 (20% of AGCI, go to you). Moreover, CommLoan has structured tiered rewards, ensuring every contributor in the loan’s success, from the originator to their mentees, enjoys a slice of the revenue pie. That said, people several levels up on the hierarchy get paid therefore. If you are the one who brought people in therefore, you may know nothing of the deal but still get compensated quite well for, well, no work.

Rev share becomes passive income or better said, it becomes a passive income stream which is so badly needed in this industry. In conclusion, CommLoan’s Empower Program, fortified with the CUPID™ Technology, is not just a platform but a paradigm shift in the commercial loan origination industry. It guarantees originators a future full of opportunities, growth, and rewards.

Again, with’s Empower program you have access to the following:

CUPID tech platform, generous commissions splits, marketing/brand recognition, future equity participation, mentor program, and competitive revenue share. With Commloan’s game-changing platform and the power of CUPID, you will transform the way you do business as a commercial loan officer and will achieve unparalleled success.

What are the top 10 reasons to use for obtaining financing for commercial properties?

14. **What are the benefits of Vast Capital’s Services for commercial real estate financing:**

1. **Streamlined Process** – One application connects borrowers to multiple lenders, simplifying the loan acquisition journey.

2. **Diverse Lender Network** – Access to a wide range of lending institutions, from traditional banks to private lenders.

3. **Competitive Rates** – A competitive marketplace ensures borrowers receive the best terms and rates.

4. **Time-Saving** – Consolidated options and streamlined application process accelerate loan procurement.

5. **Data Security** – Advanced encryption and data protection measures keep user information safe.

6. **Resources & Support** – A hub of industry insights, FAQs, and customer support.

7. **Tailored Matches** – Algorithms match borrowers with lenders suited to their specific needs.

8. **Transparent Process** – Clear communication tools for understanding loan terms and associated costs.

9. **Mobile Accessibility** – Optimized platform for both desktop and mobile use.

10. **User-Centric Design** – An intuitive interface for users of all experience levels.

15. What are the top 10 ways to solidify a difficult to obtain loan using and it’s tech package?
First, with over 750 lending partners on our platform that is a HUGE start. Delving into more depth so here goes…

**1. Understanding the Landscape**
First and foremost, remember that the world of commercial property finance is vast. Beyond traditional banks, there are numerous lenders with varying risk appetites. A seasoned finance professional knows how to match your unique situation with the right lender.

**2. Leveraging Alternative Lending Options**
While conventional lenders might shy away from risky situations, alternative lenders, such as hard money lenders, might be more accommodating. These loans come with higher interest rates, but they prioritize property value over creditworthiness, making them ideal for challenging circumstances.

**3. Crafting a Compelling Narrative**
Even if numbers aren’t in your favor, a compelling story can make a difference. Maybe your credit took a hit due to unforeseen medical expenses, or perhaps the property, despite its current issues, is located in an up-and-coming area. An adept finance firm will help you frame your story in a way that appeals to lenders.

**4. Creative Financing Solutions**
Experienced professionals know the ins and outs of seller financing, lease options, and joint ventures. These alternatives can be invaluable when traditional lending isn’t a viable option.

**5. Emphasizing Property Potential**
For properties with issues, emphasize the potential for growth and the steps you plan to take to enhance its value. This can reassure lenders that their investment will be worthwhile in the long run.

**6. Highlighting Experience**
If you’ve had successes in the past or possess experience relevant to the property in question, make sure it’s known. Lenders are often more willing to take a chance on someone with a proven track record.

**7. Exploring Loan Guarantee Options**
In some cases, third-party guarantees can bolster your loan application. This might be a business partner, an investor, or a government-backed guarantee from institutions like the Small Business Administration (SBA).

**8. Negotiating for Lower Down Payments**
While it’s typical for commercial properties to require 20-30% down, it’s not set in stone. Some lenders might accept a smaller down payment, especially if other aspects of the deal are favorable.

**9. Using Collateral**
If you own other properties or valuable assets, these can be used as collateral to secure the loan, making the deal more attractive to lenders.

**10. Seeking Expert Guidance**
Above all, partnering with a seasoned commercial property finance firm can be the difference between approval and rejection. Their expertise, connections, and innovative strategies can be invaluable in less-than-ideal situations.

In conclusion, I hope this helped you to learn a bit more about and its path to helping as a loan originator in the commercial property space. It is high time Have you you were part of a brokerage where you as a commercial property loan officer gets to use an advanced tech stack (even using Artificial intelligence and beyond), get passive income, and have immediate access to over 750 lenders potentially bidding on your commercial property deals making you even more effective to your clients and marketplace.

Again, my name is Kenner French and we are so happy you have watched this video spending time learning about this exciting time in the commercial property finance space. Stop by if you wish to learn more about what it is we have to offer.

Kenner French, is a former small business contributor at, author of three books, an executive at AI-focused and, a keynote speaker, and a Dave Matthews Band fan!

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