Revolutionizing Real Estate:’s Bold Leap into Next-Gen Commercial Property Finance, under the visionary leadership of Kenner French since its 2006 revamp, has evolved from a traditional investment firm into an innovative leader in the realms of tax, finance, and artificial intelligence. Initially established in 1969, the company has undergone significant transformation, now specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions primarily for entrepreneurs, with a particular focus on real estate investors and agents. The latest stride in this journey is our foray into commercial property financing, marked by a strategic partnership with CommLoan.

Core Services and Innovative Partnerships

1. Introduction to CommLoan:
CommLoan, a pivotal technological advancement in our new venture, is an advanced tech platform connecting borrowers with an extensive network of over 750 banks and financial institutions. This platform revolutionizes the loan origination process, enabling users to upload their investment details and seamlessly find matching lenders, thereby simplifying and expediting the financing process.

2. The Cupid™ System:
The cornerstone of CommLoan is its proprietary Cupid™ system. This groundbreaking technology redefines how borrowers and banks interact. By minimizing direct contact, Cupid™ allows borrowers to efficiently submit their requirements and swiftly receive responses from interested lenders. This innovation significantly enhances the efficiency of the loan application process.

3. Revenue Model and Loan Origination Officers:
As a proud distribution partner for CommLoan,, along with our network of independent loan origination officers, earns revenue from the loans we facilitate. Our business model is designed to ensure equitable income distribution, benefiting both our company and our affiliated loan officers.

Expansion and Future Prospects

Our venture into commercial property financing represents a monumental milestone in the growth of This expansion, through our collaboration with CommLoan, allows us to offer our services to a broader client base, particularly those seeking substantial financial backing for real estate projects. Our forward-thinking strategy is geared towards simplifying and streamlining the often complex process of loan origination, thus enhancing accessibility and efficiency for entrepreneurs across the nation.

Conclusion stands as a trailblazer in integrating technology and finance within the commercial property sector. Our transition from an investment company to a hub for tax, finance, and AI solutions showcases our commitment to addressing the dynamic needs of today’s entrepreneurs. By harnessing innovative technologies like Cupid™ and engaging in strategic partnerships with platforms like CommLoan, we are redefining industry standards with a focus on efficiency, transparency, and inclusive access.

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