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–> DOWNLOAD The attached spreadsheet

Complete the spreadsheet, then upload and submit a copy of it below with your information.  

This spreadsheet which is designed to give us the data to do an estimated balance due or refund for your tax year 2023 Federal and State (if applicable) taxes.

This spreadsheet allows us to do a very simplified tax calculation. The data input does not consider all income, and expense items. To determine the exact tax due or refund, please contact us for additional services.

Round all numbers to the nearest dollar. All data, except W-2s, is to be input in total. For example, if you have received three 1099-INT interest income documents, input the total for these, not individual amounts. W-2s are to be input individually.

You will receive no communication from us except the balance due/refund calculation or questions concerning the data you have supplied.

Turnaround time is within 1 week of the receipt of the datasheet.

Thank you.