Announces Partnership For Use With Google™and TensorFlow™ Technologies has been courted by providers for its proprietary artificial intelligence platform called “Einstein” and partners with Google offering it’s innovative TensorFlow technology.

(Seattle, WA — July 15, 2020), the pioneer in tax and retirement strategies for entrepreneurs using artificial intelligence, announces its partnering with Google™ and its TensorFlow™ technology as its foundation for its machine learning, proprietary technology called “Einstein.”

A number of platforms and providers were seeking partnership though with Google and TensorFlow; it became clear the partnership was an obvious fit. The technology will act as a foundation for Einstein and its tax and retirement platform that is currently in Beta form. Particularly of note is’s considerable strength in working with entrepreneurs in mitigating tax liability and preparing them for retirement.

“We are excited to partner with a global company that is paving the way with it’s machine learning capabilities,” said R. Kenner French, executive at, a pioneer in artificial intelligence for entrepreneurs. “Our mission with artificial intelligence is to bring together proven technology to help lower tax liability and increase retirement income on a cost effective basis for the small business owner.”

By deciding upon using Google and its TensorFlow platform, will be able to possess technology to help implement it’s “Einstein” technology that will be learning how to allow for clients to concentrate on their business and not spend time on preparing tax returns and vital resources on retirement planning. The platform will be doing duties for them based upon work occurring 24 hours a day, a simple computer activity relatively speaking.

“We were courted by many of the big vendors and it was an easy decision in the end. Google is far and away ahead of the competition due to its advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence research and development,” said Kenner.

ABOUT is a fifty year old company that is considered the pioneer in tax and retirement strategy for entrepreneurs using artificial intelligence. The company is moving it’s headquarters to Washington state from Nevada and has offices and affiliates across the nation and is in Beta with its new artificial technological platform called “Einstein.”

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