Health Care Cost Smart Goal

Gives you detailed insights into health care costs in retirement and allows us to provide you with super smart advice.

Test Variables in Play Zone®

Retirement age, savings goals and so much more. See a visual scenario and ways to improve your financial wealth in the future.

Allocation Comparison

See your current portfolio along with our recommendation for success.

Time Saving Integrations

Let us manage your details, financials and liabilities. We integrated and streamlined the process, thereby making your financials efficient, saving both time and money.

Auto Goals

Leverage AI to create a fun, motivation lifestyle in one click.

Risk Tolerance

We have an intuitive tool to show you your actual financials. This helps to identify risk and provides the appropriate portfolio balance for risk and return.

Holistic Stress Testing

Plan for your future. “What you’re afraid of” helps you see what scares you most today to plan later in the future. Knowing what you’re most afraid of, helps to mitigate any potential problems and helps to lessen or even eliminate stress.

Online Planning Portal

You get online access to all your data; either on desktop, tablet or phone. You get an email when we give you access and you see it all online, safely and securely.

What-If Worksheet

Get the flexibility and power to view up to 5 scenarios in one place. For example: Roth conversion, buying an annuity. See beyond the recommendations and ask, What If.

Plan Summary

Get clear guidance based on our recommendations and see gaps and how to make a better plan based on our findings.

Custom Reports

Our reporting tools, allow you to see a wide range of items, fully customized to suit your needs, shared digitally and printable.

Estate Planning

Financial planning isn’t enough. Estate planning goes a step forward. Will your legacy be protected from tax implications? We approach Estate Planning from a what-if approach. This helps to ease your mind and mitigate risk and surprises.

Custom CMAs

Customize Asset Classes, Portfolios and their underlying assumptions. Customize Capital Market Assumptions. Better suited for your market expectation.

Social Security Optimization

When is the best time to take your SS benefit? Let’s analyze your options based on your current financial plan. Let’s compare up to 6 different strategies and see where you’re most comfortable and in the best position to take your benefits.

Detail Plan Analytics

Let’s look under-the-hood of your financial plan and get granular insight along with strong plan analytics.

Net Worth

What is your net worth? A common question asked by every client. You’re not alone. Let’s ask the right question, get the right answers to find your accurate Net Worth.

Risk Management

Life Insurance, Disability and LTC analysis. Prepare for the unexpected. We have life insurance, disability, and LTC (long term care) needs analysis so the unforeseen events can lessen the outcome of unexpected events. Don’t be unprepared for your future.